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Author: Rev. Mendel Retief
  Free Reformed Churches of Australia - FRCA
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Mendel Retief has been released as minister of Kelmscott since December 2014 and since December 2017 is no longer a minister.

Be steadfast in the faith1 Pet 5:8-11 Faith Tested
Being heavenly mindedPhil 3:17-21 Our Calling
Call the Sabbath a delightLD 38   4th Commandment (Resting)
Christ appoints watchmen in His churchEzek 3:16-21 Preaching
Christ holds the keys of the kingdomLD 31  Keys of the Kingdom
Christ is gathering His churchLD 21  Communion of Saints
Christ is our righteousnessLD 23  Our Salvation
Christ is the fulfilment of the covenant promiseJohn 1:14-18 God's Covenant faithfulness
Christ was raised on our behalfLD 17  Our Salvation
Christ's example of humble servicePhil 2:1-112013-01-20His Example
Confessing Jesus ChristMatt 16:13-28 Unclassified
Counting our own righteousness as loss in order to gain ChristPhil 3:4-11 Life in Christ
Covenant blessings in the familyPsa 128 Marriage
Do not lead us into temptation, but deliver us from the evil oneLD 52  Prayer
Entrusted to God and the Word of His graceActs 20:26-32 Christ's gathering work
Faith on trialDan 6:1-28 Faith Tested
Father, give us this day our daily breadLD 50  Prayer
Fear the LordLD 36   3rd Commandment (God's name)
Glorious things are spoken of ZionPsa 87:1-7 Christ's gathering work
God Almighty promised to be our FatherLD 9  God's faithfulness
God demands a pure heartLD 44  10th Commandment (Jealousy)
God fulfils His covenant promisesRev 21:2-4 Unclassified
God preserves His own in the midst of oppressionRev 11:1-6 Unclassified
God promises a new heaven and a new earthRev 21:1 Unclassified
God redeemed us according to the just prescriptions of His lawLD 5  Our Salvation
God unites husband and wifeMatt 19:6 Marriage
God's grace and peace to the saintsPhil 1:1,22012-08-05Unclassified
God's Word equips us for every good work2 Tim 3:10-17 Unclassified
Grow and persevere in the true faithJude 1: 20 - 25 Unclassified
Happy are those who fear the LORDPsa 34:15-22 God's Covenant faithfulness
He who knows God keeps His commandments1 Joh 2:3-11 Life in Christ
In the midst of a secular world we still pray the fourth petitionLD 50  Prayer
Jerusalem becomes ParadiseRev 22:1,2 Unclassified
Jesus Christ continues to sanctify those who repent of their sins1 Joh 1:8-2:2 Life in Christ
Jesus is the ChristLD 12  Unclassified
Live as children of GodPhil 2:14-16 Obedience
Living a new life through Jesus Christ1 Cor 6:9-11 Life in Christ
Living in the comfort of God's WordLD 1  Unclassified
Living under the crossPhil 1:27-302012-11-11Persecution
Our covenant God reveals Himself to usLD 8  Trinity
Our Fall in AdamLD 3  Unclassified
Our God rules over the kings of this worldDan 4:1-37 God's Providence
Our help is from the LORDPsa 121 God's Covenant faithfulness
Our Lord Jesus is coming soonMatt 24:15-44 The Second Coming
Our new life in Christ has to be devoted to GodRom 12:1,2 Life in Christ
Pentecost is the fruit of Christ's resurrectionActs 2:1-47 Christ's gathering work
Praise the LORD for He is goodPsa 146:1-10 Unclassified
Praying for God's will to be doneLD 49  Prayer
Praying for the coming of God's kingdomLD 48  Prayer
Praying for the hallowing of God's NameLD 47  Prayer
Press toward the goal of your callingPhil 3:12-16 Our Calling
Rejoice in the Lord alwaysPhil 4:4-7 Thankfulness
Rejoice in the LORD; not in the fleshPhil 3:1-3 Thankfulness
Spiritual growth and fruitfulnessPhil 1:9-11 Unclassified
Strive to enter through the narrow gateLuke 13:23,24 Obedience
Thank God for daily blessings through our Lord Jesus ChristPsa 136:1,25 Thankfulness
Thanking God for His grace to the saintsPhil 1:3-72012-08-19Grace
The blessed hope of complete salvationLD 22  Death Defeated
The comfort and the glory of Christ's ascensionDan 7:13-18 Christ's Kingship
The coming of Christ's kingdom proceedsDan 1:1-21 Living in a sinful world
The day of Judgement is coming2 Pet 3:1-9 The Second Coming
The everlasting kingdom of Christ is comingDan 2:27-45 End Times
The fall of BabylonDan 5:17-31 End Times
The glory of God's grace in ChristEph 1:3 - 6 Our Salvation
The golden image and the fiery furnaceDan 3:14-30 Maintaining the Antithesis
The gospel of Christ's birthLuke 1:31-35 The Incarnation
The gospel of Christ's sufferingLD 15  Christ's Suffering
The gospel of true communion with God through Jesus Christ1 Joh 1:1-7 Life in Christ
The holy zeal of the LORD must be our zealNum 25:1-18 Maintaining the Antithesis
The law of the kingdomMatt 5:17-20 Unclassified
The libation of an office bearerPhil 2:17,18 Our Calling
The Lord Jesus is Jahve, our mighty SaviourLD 11  Unclassified
The LORD remains faithfulExo 3:14, 15 God's Covenant faithfulness
The power of Christ's death and resurrectionRom 6:14,15 Unclassified
The training school of the saintsPhil 4:11-13 Faith Tested
The trial of afflictionJob 23:10-12 Faith Tested
The true glory of the ChurchIsa 4:1-6 Unclassified
The vineyard of the LORDIsa 5:1-7 Unclassified
The war between Christ and SatanRev 12:4-6 End Times
Those who trust in the LORD will not be ashamedPsa 25:1-5 Persecution
To live is ChristPhil 1:21 Life in Christ
True and false worshipLD 35   2nd Commandment (No images)
Use the means of God's graceLD 25  Unclassified
Walk in the fear of the LordExo 20:20 Life in Christ
We are living in a marriage covenant with ChristRom 7:1-6 Life in Christ
We are one with Christ through faithLD 7  Faith
We are raised with Christ to a new life of obedienceLD 32  Life in Christ
Work out your own salvation with fear and tremblingPhil 2:12,13 Obedience
You shall not commit adulteryLD 41   7th Commandment (Adultery)

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