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What is The Seed?

Welcome to The Seed! We hope this website will become many things, but right now it's an archive of Reformed sermons.

Since the two guys behind this project attend Canadian Reformed Churches, you'll notice that a lot of the sermons come from Canadian and American Reformed preachers. We're also trying to add sermons from preachers in the Reformed Church of the US, the Free Church of Scotland, the Orthodox Presbyterian Church, the United Reformed Churches, and the Free Reformed Churches of Australia. We'd like to get enough sermons from preachers in these churches that The Seed can become a well rounded archive of good, solid Reformed sermons.

If you're a preacher in any of the above churches and would like to contribute your sermons, please send us a message. Webmaster.

Why would you want to use The Seed?

Well, there's probably three reasons.

1. Personal study. Sermons often provide insight into the Bible, and sermons from preachers we don't normally get to hear can help us see the Bible in a fresh, clear way.

2. Church use. Many church elders struggle to find an appropriate sermon to read to their congregation when the minister is absent. We hope our well indexed archive will help fill that need.

3. All kinds of other reasons. (We really couldn't think of a third reason, but we're sure there must be many more.)

Who can use The Seed?

Anyone can use the sermons found on The Seed, freely and without cost, provided two conditions are met.

1. Appropriate credit must be given to the sermon's author. Where appropriate we'd appreciate an acknowledgement that you got the sermon from our site, but we realize that may not always be possible in, for example, a church service.

2. The sermon must be used in a non profit manner. For example, the sermons must not be used at a fund raiser, paid lecture, or in a book that is sold, without getting prior consent from each sermon's author. Sermons may still be used in classroom and educational use, regardless of whether or not tuition is charged for the class

Please direct any comments to the Webmaster

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