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Author: Rev. A Veldman
Congregation: Free Reformed Church of Southern River
  West Kelmscott
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Rev. A. Veldman is the minister emeritus of the Free Reformed Church of West Kelmscotta in Australia.

The comfort we receive when we see life ruled by God's hand.Ecc 3:9-152001-07-01God's Providence
Since our life has been freed from vanity the LORD asks us to live in sincerity before Him.Ecc 5:1-72001-07-08Our Calling
The right attitude towards things that are crooked.Ecc 7:15-222001-07-29Living in a sinful world
The call to enjoy life to the honour of Him who created us.Ecc 11:9-12:12001-08-12Our Calling
The comfort that God in controlAmos 3:1-82021-01Comfort in a World of Pain
Christ's word about the church as the salt of the earth.Matt 5:132001-01-28Life in Christ
Christ's word about fasting points us to our personal relation with GodMatt 6:16-182001-02-04Life in Christ
Christ's instruction about entering the kingdom of heavenMatt 7:13-142001-02-11Life in Christ
The glorified Christ comforts His church when the seals of the scroll are opened - the opening of the first and second seal.Rev 6:1-42001-04-29Spiritual Warfare
The glorified Christ comforts His church when the seals of the scroll are opened - the opening of the third and forth seal.Rev 6:5-82001-05-06Spiritual Warfare
The prayer of the souls under the altar - the opening of the fifth seal.Rev 6:9-112001-05-20Spiritual Warfare
The glorified Christ defers the final opening of the scroll to safeguard the saints who live on earth.Rev 7:1-42001-05-27Spiritual Warfare
The opening of the seventh seal brings silence in heaven during which the saints sent up their prayers to God.Rev 8:1-62001-06-10Prayer
Holy baptism points us to God's faithfulnessLD 27 2000-03-22Baptism

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