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1999 sermons as of January 26, 2022.
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The following is an indexed list of solidly Reformed text sermons, suitable for preaching or study.

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In the past month, a total of 51 new sermons have been added.   We hope you enjoy browsing through our archive.

To God Be the GloryHeb 13:20-212022-01-26Rev. Ted Gray
A Continual Sacrifice of PraiseHeb 13:7-162022-01-26Rev. Ted Gray
Remember Your LeadersHeb 13:7-192022-01-26Rev. Ted Gray
One Proclamation, Four PraisesPsa 103:19-222022-01-25Rev. Jeremy Segstro
The Real Facts of LifePsa 103:14-182022-01-25Rev. Jeremy Segstro
Even When We Can't See It, Our God is a God Who Acts!Psa 103:6-142022-01-25Rev. Jeremy Segstro
Bless the LORDPsa 103:1-52022-01-25Rev. Jeremy Segstro
The Supreme Architect's Self-PortraitPsa 192022-01-25Rev. Jeremy Segstro
The Strong Judge Who Was Weak: The Judge Who Received Grace Upon GraceJudg 162022-01-24Rev. Jeremy Segstro
God is Building us into a Spiritual House1 Pet 2:4-82022-01-23Rev. Reuben Bredenhof
The Holy Spirit is Given to MeLD 20 2022-01-23Rev. Reuben Bredenhof
The Strong Judge Who Was Weak: Samson's Vow Fully Broken (Samson Part 3)Judg 16:1-222022-01-22Rev. Jeremy Segstro
The Strong Judge Who Was Weak: Samson's Failed Attempt at Domesticity (Samson Part 2)Judg 14:10-15:82022-01-22Rev. Jeremy Segstro
Why Worship Must Be SeriousEcc 5:1-72022-01-22Rev. Sjirk Bajema
The Strong Judge Who Was Weak: A Strange and High Calling Rejected (Samson Part 1)Judg 13:1-14:102022-01-21Rev. Jeremy Segstro
Habakkuk 5: God's Faithful Prophet Teaches us How to HopeHab 3:16-192022-01-20Rev. Jeremy Segstro
Habakkuk 4: God's Overwhelmed Prophet Falls to his KneesHab 3:1-16a2022-01-20Rev. Jeremy Segstro
Habakkuk 3: Woe to Sinners!Hab 2:6-202022-01-20Rev. Jeremy Segstro
Habakkuk 2: God's Uncertain Prophet Cries Out AgainHab 1:12-2:52022-01-20Rev. Jeremy Segstro
Habakkuk 1: God's Exhausted Prophet Cries OutHab 1:1-112022-01-20Rev. Jeremy Segstro
How Then Shall We Worship?LD 35 2022-01-20Rev. Jeremy Segstro
Our God is the Source of All Good Things - Even our FaithLD 25 2022-01-20Rev. Jeremy Segstro
Come Before Your Heavenly FatherLD 46 2022-01-20Rev. Jeremy Segstro
How Then Shall We Steward?LD 42 2022-01-20Rev. Jeremy Segstro
Our God is Not a Good Salesman (But He is a Great Saviour)LD 24 2022-01-19Rev. Jeremy Segstro
You Are Invited: Come to the Table!LD 30 2022-01-19Rev. Jeremy Segstro
As You Feast, Preach to Your Own Soul so That You Can Preach to OthersLD 29 2022-01-19Rev. Jeremy Segstro
Trustworthy & True Part 5: A Trustworthy and True TradeTitus 3:3-112022-01-19Rev. Jeremy Segstro
Trustworthy & True Part 4: A Trustworthy and True Office Bearer1 Tim 3:1-132022-01-19Rev. Jeremy Segstro
Trustworthy & True Part 3: A Trustworthy and True Strengthening2 Tim 2:11-132022-01-19Rev. Jeremy Segstro
Trustworthy & True Part 2: A Trustworthy and True Salvation1 Tim 1:15-162022-01-19Rev. Jeremy Segstro
Trustworthy & True Part 1: A Trustworthy and True Training1 Tim 4:1-102022-01-19Rev. Jeremy Segstro
Honoring MarriageHeb 13:42022-01-18Rev. Ted Gray
Keep On Loving Each OtherHeb 13:1-32022-01-18Rev. Ted Gray
Money, Contentment, and God's Abiding PresenceHeb 13:4-62022-01-18Rev. Ted Gray
Rejoice in the Lord Always!Phil 4:42022-01-16Rev. Reuben Bredenhof
Christ in His glory is Preparing our Future GloryLD 19 2022-01-16Rev. Reuben Bredenhof
Responding to Zion's BlessingsHeb 12:18-292022-01-11Rev. Ted Gray
Trained by God's DisciplineHeb 12:4-132022-01-11Rev. Ted Gray
The Final One Another Commandment: Love One AnotherRom 12:9-112022-01-10Rev. Jeremy Segstro
The Sixth One Another Commandment: Pray for One AnotherJames 5:13-202022-01-10Rev. Jeremy Segstro
No Place Like HomePsa 137:4-62022-01-09Rev. Reuben Bredenhof
Christ Ascended into Heaven’s Glory for UsLD 18 2022-01-09Rev. Reuben Bredenhof
The Fifth One Another Commandment: Encourage One Another1 The 5:112022-01-07Rev. Jeremy Segstro
The Fourth One Another Commandment: Forgive One AnotherCol 3:1-152022-01-07Rev. Jeremy Segstro
Running the Race, Focused on JesusHeb 12:1-32022-01-04Rev. Ted Gray
The Focus of the Lord's SupperHeb 12:1-3; Q&A 66, 67, 812022-01-04Rev. Ted Gray
In Christ’s Hellish Agony is our Heavenly BenefitLD 16 2022-01-02Rev. Reuben Bredenhof
Saints Justified by WorksJames 2:21-262021-12-27Rev. David Stares
The Servant LeaderMark 10:32-452021-12-27Rev. David Stares
The Shepherd's ComfortJohn 10:11-182021-12-27Rev. David Stares

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