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1938 sermons as of December 7, 2021.
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The following is an indexed list of solidly Reformed text sermons, suitable for preaching or study.

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In the past month, a total of 46 new sermons have been added.   We hope you enjoy browsing through our archive.

When Babies LeapLuke 1:39-45 (Loosely connected t2021-12-07Pastor Keith Davis
Mary Sings of God's Good ProvidenceLuke 1:46-56 (also with Lord's Da2021-12-07Pastor Keith Davis
His Name is Wonderful!Isa 9:1-72021-12-07Pastor Keith Davis
At the Fullness of Time, God Sent His SonGal 4:4-72021-12-07Rev. Ted Gray
The Star and Scepter of Christ the KingNum 24:1-192021-12-07Rev. Ted Gray
Since God's grace comes through the gospel, you know what to doCD 3/4 art 172021-12-06Rev. Stephen 't Hart
Divine sovereignty doesn't cancel human responsibilityCD 3/4 art 162021-12-06Rev. Stephen 't Hart
You can't claim credit for what you didn't doCD 3/4 art 14-152021-12-06Rev. Stephen 't Hart
Dry bones made aliveCD 3/4 art 12-132021-12-06Rev. Stephen 't Hart
Conversion only comes by being born of GodCD 3/4 art 112021-12-06Rev. Stephen 't Hart
It's to those whom God gives ears that will hearCD 3/4 art 9-102021-12-06Rev. Stephen 't Hart
It's God's grace that's the reason for his gospel callCD 3/4 art 7-82021-12-06Rev. Stephen 't Hart
How does one come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ?CD 3/4 art 4-62021-12-06Rev. Stephen 't Hart
We need to know the depth of our depravity to comprehend the height of God's graceCD 3/4 art 1-32021-12-06Rev. Stephen 't Hart
God will most certainly bring his elect to salvationCD 2 art 8-92021-12-06Rev. Stephen 't Hart
God's grace goes all the wayCD 2 art 6-72021-12-06Rev. Stephen 't Hart
The gospel of salvation in Jesus Christ is good news for the whole worldCD 2 art 52021-12-06Rev. Stephen 't Hart
Behold the Lamb of God!CD 2 art 3-42021-12-06Rev. Stephen 't Hart
God's justice meets his mercy at the CrossCD 2 art 1-22021-12-06Rev. Stephen 't Hart
God reveals his gracious sovereignty in election for our comfort and his gloryCD 1 art 182021-12-06Rev. Stephen 't Hart
Covenant hope: the believer's comfort at the loss of a little oneCD 1 art 172021-12-06Rev. Stephen 't Hart
Reprobation: When God leaves sinners in their sinCD 1 art 15-162021-12-06Rev. Stephen 't Hart
God's grace shines forth when election is taught correctlyCD 1 art 142021-12-06Rev. Stephen 't Hart
The assurance of your election is to be found in Jesus ChristCD 1 art 12-132021-12-06Rev. Stephen 't Hart
Election is the fountain of every saving goodCD 1 art 9-112021-12-06Rev. Stephen 't Hart
The blessed comfort in the unchangeable purpose of God concerning our electionCD 1 art 7-82021-12-06Rev. Stephen 't Hart
Unbelief comes from us, but faith comes from GodCD 1 art 5-62021-12-06Rev. Stephen 't Hart
It's only by God's mercy that you get to hear the gospel preachedCD 1 art. 3-42021-12-06Rev. Stephen 't Hart
Though sin runs deep, God's love runs deeperCD 1 art 1-22021-12-06Rev. Stephen 't Hart
Jesus raises disciples to challenge unbeliefJohn 12:9-112021-12-05Dr. Wes Bredenhof
Who is the One who Overcomes the World?1 Joh 5:52021-12-05Rev. Reuben Bredenhof
Our Only Comfort is through the Suffering of ChristLD 15 2021-12-05Rev. Reuben Bredenhof
Behold the fatherly heart of God!Luke 15:11-322021-12-03Dr. Wes Bredenhof
Should we question the almighty God's wise purposes?Job 42:1-62021-12-02Dr. Wes Bredenhof
Christmas In the Words of ChristHeb 10:1-182021-12-02Rev. Ted Gray
Therefore...Let Us...Heb 10:19-252021-12-02Rev. Ted Gray
Believer: be confident of your vindication!Job 19:25-272021-12-01Dr. Wes Bredenhof
The Lamb is worthy to receive all our honourJohn 12:1-82021-11-30Dr. Wes Bredenhof
God’s Wisdom is Health for the Whole BodyProv 4:20-272021-11-21Rev. Reuben Bredenhof
The Miracle and the Meaning of the IncarnationLD 14 2021-11-21Rev. Reuben Bredenhof
How Then Shall We Vow?LD 37 2021-11-15Rev. Jeremy Segstro
The One Another Commandments: Bear the Burdens of One AnotherGal 6:22021-11-15Rev. Jeremy Segstro
Brothers and sisters of the only-begotten SonLD 13 2021-11-14Rev. Reuben Bredenhof
Feed my SheepJohn 21:15-172021-11-14Rev. Reuben Bredenhof
The One Another Commandments: Be Hospitable to One Another1 Pet 4:7-92021-11-09Rev. Jeremy Segstro
What Kind of People We Ought to Be?2 Pet 3:10-28 (text: 11 &14)2021-11-08Pastor Keith Davis

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