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Author: Rev. Joe Poppe
Congregation: Redeemer Canadian Reformed Church
  Winnipeg, Manitoba
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Joe Poppe is the pastor of the Redeemer Canadian Reformed Church in Winnipeg. He has previously served as pastor in the Free Reformed Church of West Albany, in Western Australia.

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Despite Pharaoh’s cruel oppression, God prospers His peopleExo 1:8-222008-04-06Maintaining the Antithesis
God draws Moses out of the water to raise up a deliverer for His peopleExo 2:1-102008-04-13Maintaining the Antithesis
The LORD calls Moses to be a deliverer of His peopleExo 3:10-12a2008-04-20Leadership
The LORD threatens to kill His appointed redeemer Moses, because of his covenantal disobedienceExo 4:24-262008-06-01Maintaining the Antithesis
Through His servant Moses’ staff, the LORD shows forth His power over PharaohExo 7:8-132008-06-08Christ's Kingship
In the first plague, the LORD changes the water of the Nile into bloodExo 7:14-242008-06-22Repentance
With the plague of gnats, the LORD makes clear how His finger directs world affairsExo 8:16-192008-07-27Maintaining the Antithesis
In the plague of the livestock, the LORD shows forth His lordship over allExo 9:1-72008-08-03Christ's Kingship
With the plague of hail God calls all people to acknowledge His glorious nameExo 9:13-352008-08-10Repentance
In the eighth plague the LORD sends locusts to humble Pharaoh and devastate EgyptExo 10:1-202008-09-07Pride
In the ninth plague the LORD causes deep darkness to fall upon Egypt, but grants light to His peopleExo 10:21-292008-10-05Maintaining the Antithesis
With the tenth plague, the LORD delivers His people from slavery by killing the firstborn of EgyptExo 112008-10-12Christ's Kingship
The LORD requires that Israel’s firstborn be dedicated to HimExo 13:1-2; 11-162008-10-19Our Calling
By delivering His people through the Red Sea, the LORD allowed them to pass from death to lifeExo 14:21-15:52008-11-02Spiritual Warfare
At Mt. Sinai, the LORD brings His people into His presence to establish the covenant with themExo 192008-11-09God's Covenant faithfulness

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