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Author: Rev. Reuben Bredenhof
Congregation: Free Reformed Church of Mt. Nasura
  Mt. Nasura, Western Australia
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Rev. Reuben Bredenhof is pastor of the Mt. Nasura Free Reformed Church in Western Australia. He has previously served in the Pilgrim Canadian Reformed Church in London Ontario and the St. Albert Canadian Reformed Church in St. Albert Alberta.

A Broken World has Hope in the Root of JesseIsa 11:1-102022The Second Coming
A Community of the ForgivenLD 21 2005Communion of Saints
A Costly Salvation Purchased with Precious BloodLD 15 2020Our Salvation
A Family SnapshotLD 39 2021Parenting
A Flood of Praise for the FatherEph 1:3-142018The Glory of the Father
A Glimpse of Our Beautiful FutureDeut 34:1-52019Our Salvation
A Good Change in GovernmentIsa 22:20-232022Christ's Kingship
A Great King from Little BethlehemMicah 5:2-52015Christ's Kingship
A Hard Test of ForgivenessPhilm 12-142013Forgiveness
A Harvest of Fruit through the SpiritGal 5:22-232018The work of The Holy Spirit
A Holy Priesthood for the LORDLev 8:1-362017Servanthood
A Last Message, A Last Miracle2 Kgs 13:14-212020God's Covenant faithfulness
A Lesson in Church-BuildingHag 1:3-112016Church Building
A Life Led by the LORD’s CounselProv 19:212020God's Providence
A Life that is Stamped by the Triune GodLD 8 2018Trinity
A Love Song for His BelovedZeph 3:172020God's Amazing Grace
A Name to Use with Fear and ReverenceLD 36 2022 3rd Commandment (God's name)
A New and Nearer PresenceEzek 36:272020The work of The Holy Spirit
A Prayer for MurmurersLD 49 2022God's Will
A Prayer for Vindication in a Wicked WorldPsa 1092006Persecution
A Praying Church is a Thriving ChurchEph 1:15-232018Church Building
A Right Vision for this LifeCol 2:8-102015Life in Christ
A Saviour Like One of UsLD 14 2018The Incarnation
A Soldier's Devotion to PrayerEph 6:18-202019Prayer
A Warning of War, A Proclamation of PeaceNahum 1:15-2:12016Our Salvation
Abide in the True Doctrine of Christ2 Joh 9-112017Revelation of the Gospel
After You Have Suffered1 Pet 5:10-112015Faith Tested
Alive in the Power of Christ's Death!LD 16 2016Our Salvation
All In or All OutLD 48 2022Maintaining the Antithesis
An Almost-Dead Church is Called Back to LifeRev 3:1-62015Repentance
Ask your Father to Fight your BattlesLD 52 2022Spiritual Warfare
Balaam sees the approaching KingNum 24:17-192020Christ's Kingship
Baptism is the Mark of God’s Loving Relationship with UsLD 27 2018Baptism
Be a Faithful Servant of the MasterLuke 12:35-402017Church Building
Be a Faithful StewardLD 42 2019 8th Commandment (Stealing)
Be a Weak Servant for the Lord2 Cor 11:22-332018Servanthood
Be filled with the Spirit!LD 20 2020The work of The Holy Spirit
Be imitators of God and Speak like Him!LD 43 2019 9th Commandment (Lying)
Being a Humble Child of GodPsa 1312004Resting
Being Made Whole through the One who was PiercedZech 12:10-13:12016Our Salvation
Believe in the Word of God, and in the God of the WordLD 7 2016Faith
Believing without SeeingJohn 20:28-292021Faith
Blessed are the MeekMatt 5:52020Humility
Blessed are the MercifulMatt 5:72020Mercy
Blessed are the PeacemakersMatt 5:92020Life in Christ
Blessed are the Poor in SpiritMatt 5:32020Humility
Blessed are the Pure in HeartMatt 5:82020Purity
Blessed are those Who are Persecuted for Righteousness' SakeMatt 5:10-122020Persecution
Blessed are those who Hunger and Thirst for RighteousnessMatt 5:62020Life in Christ
Blessed are those Who MournMatt 5:42020Repentance
Break up the fallow ground!Jer 4:1-42017Repentance
Broken Bread, Opened Eyes, Burning HeartsLuke 24:30-322019Revelation of the Gospel
Brothers and sisters of the only-begotten SonLD 13 2021God The Son
Build on the Lord's Faithful Saying2 Tim 2:11-132018Faithfulness rewarded
Built on the Foundation of ChristLD 21 2017Church Building
By Faith AloneLD 23 2022Faith
Called to be a FollowerMark 1:14-202016Our Calling
Called to IntoleranceRev 2:18-292015Living in a sinful world
Chosen and ChangedLD 33 2018The work of The Holy Spirit
Christ and Christians Share an Extraordinary Triple CallingLD 12 2020Life in Christ
Christ Ascended into Heaven’s Glory for UsLD 18 2022Christ's Kingship
Christ Calls His Church to Become What We AreLD 21 2018Church Building
Christ Gives Deacons to Care for his ChurchActs 6:1-72020Love
Christ gives His Believers a Better FeastLD 28 2022Lord's Supper
Christ in His glory is Preparing our Future GloryLD 19 2022Christ's return
Christ Intensifies the Seventh CommandmentLD 41 2021Purity
Christ is EverythingLD 6 2018Our Salvation
Christ Teaches Us to Ask, Seek and KnockLuke 11:9-102019Prayer
Christ Teaches Us to Have Our Heart in the Right PlaceLD 44 202110th Commandment (Jealousy)
Christ the ChampionMark 1:9-132016God The Son
Christ the King Gives the KeysLD 31 2017Church Building
Christ's Gifts to his ChurchEph 4:11-132018Church Building
Christ's Promise of Paradise to a Repentant SinnerLuke 23:39-432019God's Amazing Grace
Christian in Confession and LifeLD 12 2018Life in Christ
Claiming Your Inheritance by FaithJosh 17:3-42017God's Covenant faithfulness
Come to God, the Overflowing Fountain of All Good!LD 50 2021God's Providence
Comfort for Grieving Believers1 The 4:13-142013Comfort in a World of Pain
Communion with ChristLD 28 2018Lord's Supper
Completely Upheld in God’s Perfect ProvidenceLD 10 2020God's Providence
Connected to ChristLD 7 2005Faith
Dead and Buried with ChristLD 16 2020Christ's Suffering
Digging to the Root of MurderLD 40 2022 6th Commandment (Murder)
Dirty Sinners get WashedLD 26 2007Baptism
Do Good Works for God your Saviour!LD 24 2017Thankfulness
Do Your Work as a Servant of ChristEph 6:5-92019Our Calling
Encouragement for the PersecutedRev 2:8-112015Persecution
Enjoy the Gift of the Lord's DayMark 2:23-3:62016 4th Commandment (Resting)
Enjoy the new covenant meal!LD 30 2022Lord's Supper
Excel in Thanksgiving!Col 2:6-72016Thankfulness
Eyes Open for Christ's Second ComingLD 19 2018The Second Coming
Face up to your sin, and then look up to God!LD 4 2018Forgiveness of Sins
Feed my SheepJohn 21:15-172021Church Building
Finally Finding a Reason to HopePsa 772015Comfort in a World of Pain
For fortifying feeble faith God gives the sacramentsLD 25 2022Administering God's Blessing
Forgive Each Other Just as God in Christ Forgave YouLD 51 2019Forgiveness
Fruitful in Faith2 Pet 1:5-112016Faith
Fulfill Your Office and CallingLD 49 2021Our Calling
Full Comfort in the Triune GodLD 1 2005Trinity
Get ready for your journey to God’s presence!Isa 62:102022Leadership
Getting out of DebtLD 5 2016Forgiveness of Sins
Getting Stretched by ChristMark 2:18-222016Life in Christ
Gifts for the Body of ChristEph 4:7-162019Church Building
Giving from the Abundance of God's GiftsDeut 14:22-292015Tithing
God brings down all who proudly oppose HimIsa 14:12-212022Living in a sinful world
God Calls his People to be PatientJames 5:7-112020Resting
God Defends the Honour of his Prophet Elisha2 Kgs 2:23-252019Preaching
God gives the Simple Gift of His LawLD 2 2021God's Law is Good
God graciously puts right His world gone wrong!LD 3 2021God's Amazing Purpose
God Grants us the Great EscapeLD 5 2020Our Salvation
God is Building us into a Spiritual House1 Pet 2:4-82022Church Building
God is Our Almighty and Exclusive SaviourLD 11 2016Our Salvation
God is Saviour, Lawgiver, and our Only GodLD 34 2022God's Law is Good
God Makes His People into Temples of the Holy SpiritLD 20 2017The work of The Holy Spirit
God Moves Kings and Nations2 Kgs 8:7-15 and 9:1-132020God's Providence
God Points us from Death to LifeLD 2 2005Our Salvation
God repurposes the power of our wordsLD 43 2022 9th Commandment (Lying)
God sends a preacher to ZionIsa 52:7-102022Preaching
God shows He is Lord over all by humbling NebuchadnezzarDan 4:28-372018God's Providence
God Upholds His Perfect Holiness at All CostsLev 10:1-202017God's Justice
God with us and God for usMatt 1:22-232020The Incarnation
God's gift of the Year of JubileeLev 25:8-462018God's Amazing Grace
God's Good Order for MarriageEph 5:22-332019Marriage
God's Helpless People Plead for MercyIsa 64:1-122022Comfort in a World of Pain
God's Promise for Covenant ChildrenLD 27 2017God's Covenant faithfulness
God's Providence in the Bits and PiecesLD 10 2016God's Providence
God's Spirit is Poured onto a WildernessIsa 32:15-182022The work of The Holy Spirit
God's Will for Holiness in Sexuality and the FamilyLev 18:1-302017Marriage
God's Wisdom for the Single and the MarriedLD 41 2019 7th Commandment (Adultery)
God’s Beautiful Promise of the Life EverlastingLD 22 2018End Times
God’s People Rebuild Jerusalem’s WallsNeh 32019Church Building
God’s Power for All who Believe!LD 7 2018Faith
God’s Thoughts toward UsJer 29:112021God's Covenant faithfulness
God’s Wisdom is Health for the Whole BodyProv 4:20-272021Obedience
Grace and Peace to you!Eph 1:1-22018Life in Christ
Grace in the GardenLD 3 2016God's Amazing Grace
Gratefully Counting the Cost of Our DeliveranceLD 5 2021God's Amazing Grace
Great News on the First Day of the WeekMark 16:6-72017Death Defeated
Grow Assured of your Faith through Good WorksLD 32 2022Our Calling
Having A Horizontal and Vertical LoveLD 2 2016Love
Home Construction by the LORDLD 39 2019 5th Commandment (Obedience)
How Deep the Father's Love For Us!LD 13 2018Life in Christ
How God Atones for Our SinLD 6 2021Revelation of the Gospel
I am the Bread of LifeJohn 6:352021God The Son
I am the DoorJohn 10:92021Life in Christ
I am the Good ShepherdJohn 10:142021God The Son
I am the Light of the WorldJohn 8:122021God The Son
I am the Resurrection and the LifeJohn 11:252021Death Defeated
I am the Vine, You are the BranchesJohn 15:52021Life in Christ
I am the Way, the Truth, and the LifeJohn 14:62021God The Son
I Am Your HusbandHosea 2:14-202016God's Covenant faithfulness
I know Whom I have believed2 Tim 1:122020Giving your heart to God
I Love the LORDPsa 116:12017Giving your heart to God
I Want to Know ChristPhil 3:10-112006Life in Christ
In Christ we have an Anchor for the SoulHeb 6:192019Our Salvation
In Christ’s Hellish Agony is our Heavenly BenefitLD 16 2021Christ's Suffering
In his Death we LiveLD 16 2005Death Defeated
In his Grace, God Gives Sinners his Holy LawLD 2 2018God's Law is Good
In His Word, God Teaches us how it all BeganLD 3 2018God and our Creation
In the Father's Family, This Is Who You Are1 Joh 2:12-142016Life in Christ
Inscribed in God's BookMal 3:16-182016God's Covenant faithfulness
Instruments in the Master's Hand2 Tim 2:20-212015Church Building
Introducing the world-changing Servant of the LORDIsa 49:1-132022Our Salvation
Jesus Calls his Disciples to the Humility of ServiceMark 10:35-452016Church Building
Jesus Comes to the House of MercyJohn 5:1-152021Miracles
Jesus Faces Hometown HostilityMark 6:1-62017Faith
Jesus Generously Feeds His Hungry PeopleJohn 6:5-142021Miracles
Jesus Gives Life to the DyingJohn 4:46-542021Miracles
Jesus is the only SaviourLD 11 2021God The Son
Jesus Liberates Us from Satan's ArmyMark 5:1-202017Spiritual Warfare
Jesus Opens Our Eyes to See HimMark 8:22-262017Life in Christ
Jesus Restores Broken PeopleMark 1:29-452016Miracles
Jesus Reveals the Heart Behind the MouthLD 43 2021 9th Commandment (Lying)
Jesus Reveals the Kind of Person whom He Wants as FollowerMark 2:13-172016Life in Christ
Jesus Stays on the Road to his DeathJohn 12:27-332021Christ's Suffering
Jesus Warns against Committing the Unforgivable SinMatt 12:31-322020Repentance
Jesus’ Arrival is Met with Massacre and MourningMatt 2:16-182018Persecution
John preaches: ‘Repent, for Christ is on his way!’Luke 3:7-92021Repentance
Keep Asking for the Holy SpiritLuke 11:132016The work of The Holy Spirit
King Jesus entrusts us with the keys of his kingdomLD 31 2022Church Building
King of the Jews, and King of the WorldJohn 19:19-202016Christ's Kingship
Kingdom Keys with PurposeLD 31 2018Church Building
Kingdom PrayersLD 48 2021Christ's Kingship
Knit Together as One Body of Christ1 Cor 12:24b-262016Communion of Saints
Knowing and Loving Our Perfect MediatorLD 6 2005God The Son
Lamenting and RepentingLam 5:19-222018Repentance
Lazarus and the Rich ManLuke 16:19-312015Mercy
Learn to Pray like a Little ChildLD 46 2022The Glory of the Father
Learning ContentmentLD 44 201910th Commandment (Jealousy)
Learning How to Swear an OathLD 37 2022 3rd Commandment (God's name)
Lessons for the Wise LifeProv 302016Obedience
Let not your heart be troubledJohn 14:272021Life in Christ
Liar, Lunatic, or Lord?Mark 3:20-302016Faith
Listen to the statutes and judgments of the LORD!LD 34 2020God's Law is Good
Live a Doxological Life!LD 52 2019Worship
Live in Expectation of the Day of the Lord!2 Pet 3:10-132017End Times
Living as a temple of the Holy SpiritLD 41 2022 7th Commandment (Adultery)
Living from the Father’s HandLD 10 2018The Glory of the Father
Living SacrificesRom 12:1-22009Life in Christ
Living Where Satan has his ThroneRev 2:12-172015Living in a sinful world
Look to the Ascended JesusHeb 12:22020Christ's Kingship
Look to the Interests of Others in Humility and LovePhil 2:1-42018Communion of Saints
Looking for Answers in the Wrong Places1 Sam 282021Revelation of the Gospel
Lord in the StormMark 4:35-412016Christ's Kingship
Lord of the StormJohn 6:16-212021Miracles
Love All the People Around YouLD 40 2021Love
Love the StrangersHeb 13:22017Neighbours
Love the Truth, Love Each OtherRev 2:1-72015Love
Made and Re-made in the Image of GodLD 3 2020God and our Creation
Making Much of the Holy SpiritLD 20 2018The work of The Holy Spirit
Measured against God's Plumb LineAmos 2:6-82016God's Law is Good
Mercy and Truth have Met Together!LD 4 2020God's Justice
Miriam's Victory SongExo 15:20-212016Our Salvation
Mirror, MirrorLD 2 2020God's Law is Good
My soul thirsts for you, O God!Psa 632020Life in Christ
No Neutrality in a Divided WorldLD 48 2019Christ's Kingship
No Place Like HomePsa 137:4-62022Comfort in a World of Pain
Open Eyes, Open HeartsJohn 9:1-72021Miracles
Our Abba who is in HeavenLD 46 2019The Glory of the Father
Our Ascended IntercederRom 8:342016God The Son
Our Christ is Son and LordLD 13 2020God The Son
Our Daily Bread: Trusting, Asking, ReceivingLD 50 2019God's faithfulness
Our Daily Need for Self-ExaminationLD 30 2018Giving your heart to God
Our Day in CourtLD 23 2017God's Justice
Our Father in HeavenLD 46 2021The Glory of the Father
Our Gifts: from God and for GodLev 2:1-162017Thankfulness
Our Heavenly Role ModelsLD 49 2019Our Calling
Our Help is in the Name of the LORDLD 9 2021God and our Creation
Our Lord Shows his Excellence in all the EarthPsa 8:1-92021God and our Creation
Our only comfort is in God's wonder-working loveLD 1 2018God's Amazing Grace
Our Only Comfort is Received through True FaithLD 7 2020Faith
Our Only Comfort is through the Suffering of ChristLD 15 2021Christ's Suffering
Owned by Christ, we own earthly things differently.LD 42 2022 8th Commandment (Stealing)
Owned Completely, Owned EverlastinglyLD 1 2016God's Amazing Grace
Paying Sin's CostLev 5:14 - 6:72017Forgiveness of Sins
Pray and WorkLD 50 2022Our Calling
Pray for God’s Strength in the Constant Fight with TemptationLD 52 2019Obedience
Preparing to MoveLD 22 2017The Second Coming
Present Right Sacrifices to God!Lev 1:1-172017Giving your heart to God
Put your sound doctrine into practice!Titus 2:1-82021Our Calling
Ready to Give a Defense1 Pet 3:15-162018Living in a sinful world
Receive the Gift of the Holy SpiritLD 20 2005The work of The Holy Spirit
Reflect the Glory of God, to God’s Glory!LD 47 2021Our Calling
Rejected for Our RedemptionLD 15 2016Christ's Suffering
Rejoice in the Lord Always!Phil 4:42022Enjoying Life
Remember DeathPsa 90:122018Running the race
Remember the Sabbath Day, to Keep it HolyLD 38 2021 4th Commandment (Resting)
Remember your Creator in the Days of your YouthEcc 12:12019Giving your heart to God
Renewed in the Image of ChristLD 32 2017Good Works
Repentance and ReplacementEph 4:25 - 5:12019Repentance
Resting in God's Eternal CounselLD 9 2016God's Amazing Purpose
Saved Through Water!LD 26 2017Baptism
See the Glory of Christ our Saviour!Luke 9:28-362006God The Son
Seek First God and his KingdomLD 34 2018 1st Commandment (God alone)
Seek the LORD while He may be FoundIsa 55:62022Giving your heart to God
Seek Those Things which are Above!Col 3:1-42017Living in a sinful world
Seeking, Finding, and Treasuring the KingdomMatt 13:44-462005Our Calling
Set Free from the Power of the DevilLD 1 2020Spiritual Warfare
Share in the Joyous FeastEzra 6:19-222011Worship
Show that God's Name is Great!LD 47 2019Our Calling
Simeon's Great ExpectationsLuke 2:25-322021The Incarnation
Sinner, and Saved, and ServantLD 1 2021Life in Christ
Sinners should be Filled with the Godly Sorrow of RepentanceLD 33 2017Repentance
Sinners tremble before the greatness of GodLD 4 2021God's Justice
Spewed Out or Embraced?Rev 3:14-222015Our Calling
Standing Strong against the Devil's Fierce AttacksEph 6:10-172019Spiritual Warfare
Still having one Son, his Beloved, He sent Him...Mark 12:1-122017Our Salvation
Thank God for Mary, Mother of JesusLD 14 2016God The Son
The Ascended Christ is Interceding for youLD 18 2020Prayer
The Ascended Jesus is Our Gateway to HeavenLD 18 2016God The Son
The Basics of PrayerLD 45 2019Prayer
The Beginning and End of your MiseryLD 3 2005Our Salvation
The Bridegroom Gives an Abundance of New WineJohn 2:1-112021Miracles
The Chief Shepherd Cares for his Flock1 Pet 5:1-52019Church Building
The Christian FamilyEph 6:1-42019Parenting
The Church's Mighty DelivererActs 12:1-172021Church Building
The Coming Day of the LordJoel 2:30-322016End Times
The Day that Everything ChangedLD 16 2018Our Salvation
The Dead Hear His Voice and LiveJohn 11:1-442021Death Defeated
The Departure of JesusLD 18 2015God The Son
The End of God's EnemiesObadi 1-212016Comfort in a World of Pain
The Enthroned Christ is Lord of EverythingLD 19 2016Christ's Kingship
The Entrance of the KingMark 11:1-112017Christ's Kingship
The Fallen Follow FollyProv 9:13-182005Living in a sinful world
The First Gospel, the Only GospelMark 1:1-82016God The Son
The Firstborn from the DeadLD 17 2016Death Defeated
The Gift and Weight of AuthorityLD 39 2022 5th Commandment (Obedience)
The Gift of a Relationship with GodLD 27 2022Baptism
The Gift of the Lord's DayLD 38 2019 4th Commandment (Resting)
The God of Our Only Comfort is the Triune GodLD 8 2020Trinity
The Gospel of God our CreatorLD 9 2018God and our Creation
The Gospel of the Sin OfferingLev 4:1-352017Forgiveness
The Gospel of the Virgin BirthLD 14 2020The Incarnation
The Gospel that Changes EverythingRom 5:1-52019Comfort in a World of Pain
The Gradual and Glorious Unveiling of Jesus ChristLD 6 2016All of scripture points to Jesus Christ
The Great Privilege of Knowing the Gospel of ChristLD 6 2020Revelation of the Gospel
The Greatest Day of the YearLev 16:1-342017Forgiveness of Sins
The Hard Work of Trusting GodHab 2:2-42016Faith Tested
The Holiness of the EverydayLev 11:1-472017God's Law is Good
The Holy Anointing of Christ and His BelieversLD 12 2021Life in Christ
The Holy Challenge of Being BlessedMark 10:23-312017Thankfulness
The Holy God Gives Guidance for a Priestly LifestyleLev 21:1-242018Our Calling
The holy Lord calls Isaiah to be His prophetIsa 6:1-132022The Glory of the Father
The Holy One of God vs. An Unclean SpiritMark 1:21-282016Miracles
The Holy Spirit is Given to MeLD 20 2022The work of The Holy Spirit
The Holy Spirit's Deep Cleaning PowerLD 26 2018The work of The Holy Spirit
The Humble Beginnings of our Great SaviourLuke 2:72016The Incarnation
The Indispensable ChristEph 1:3-142018Our Salvation
The Innocent One was Found GuiltyLD 15 2018God's Justice
The Kingdom is Entrusted to YouMatt 25:14-302015Our Calling
The Knowledge Most Worth KnowingLD 47 2022The Glory of the Father
The Law of RedemptionLev 27:1-342018God's Law is Good
The Long, Hard Road to God's PresencePsa 1212020Running the race
The LORD Generously Feeds His Hungry People2 Kgs 4:38-442019God's faithfulness
The LORD Gives Laws for the Holiness of Daily LifeLev 19:1-372018God's Law is Good
The LORD is God and there is no otherLD 34 2020 1st Commandment (God alone)
The Lord Jesus Teaches us how to Handle TreasureLD 42 2021 8th Commandment (Stealing)
The LORD Lays Out the FutureLev 26:1-462018Faithfulness rewarded
The LORD Removes His Glory from the TempleEzek 10:18-192017The Glory of the Father
The LORD will Watch over Jerusalem to the EndIsa 62:6-72020Church Building
The Lord's Servant served us to save usIsa 53:7-92022Christ's Suffering
The Mighty One, God the LORD, Seeks a Thankful PeoplePsa 50:13-152018Thankfulness
The Mighty Saving Works of God's Gentle ServantIsa 42:1-122022Our Salvation
The Miracle and the Meaning of the IncarnationLD 14 2021The Incarnation
The Miracle of the Floating Axehead2 Kgs 6:1-72019God's Providence
The Misery of Life Without GodEcc 1:1-112018Desolation/Despair
The More Excellent Way of LoveLD 40 2019 6th Commandment (Murder)
The Mystery of Christ's Coming1 Tim 3:162015God The Son
The Name above Every NameLD 11 2018God The Son
The Name which is above Every NameLD 11 2020God The Son
The New Beginning at the EndIsa 65:17-192022The Second Coming
The Old, Old Story2 Kgs 6:24 - 7:202020Our Salvation
The only God, the First and the LastIsa 44:6-82022God's Amazing Purpose
The Parable of the Four SoilsMark 4:3-9,13-202016Faith
The Peace-making GodEph 2:11-222018Church Building
The perfect end to the perfect prayerLD 52 2021Prayer
The Perfect Marriage of Justice and MercyLD 4 2016God's Justice
The Power of Prayer in the Life of King Hezekiah2 Kgs 20:1-112017Prayer
The Privilege and Power of God's NameLD 36 2021 3rd Commandment (God's name)
The Protective GodLev 24:10-232018God's Law is Good
The Providence of the Triune GodLD 10 2021God's Providence
The Saving Confession: Jesus is Lord!LD 13 2016Our Salvation
The Serious Business of Avoiding SinMark 9:42-482017Living in a sinful world
The Slow Change of RepentanceLD 33 2022Repentance
The Spirit Gives Access to Every Spiritual BlessingEph 1:3-142018The work of The Holy Spirit
The Spirit Works Faith through the Means of GraceLD 25 2017Faith
The Suffering Jesus is Twice Offered a DrinkMark 15:23 & 362017Christ's Suffering
The Text that Says It AllTitus 3:3-82016God's Amazing Grace
The Triune God is the Glorious Creator of All ThingsLD 9 2020God and our Creation
The True Story of Jesus' ResurrectionLD 17 2018Death Defeated
The Unchanging ChristHeb 13:82019God The Son
The Unclean are Made Clean through God’s MercyLev 14:1-202017Our Salvation
The Unity of the Trinity and the Unity of the ChurchLD 8 2021Trinity
The Unlikely SaviourJudg 3:7-112019Our Salvation
The Unstoppable Kingdom of GodMark 4:26-322016Church Building
The Way of Holy WorshipLD 35 2021Worship
The Word of the Living God Never Fails1 Kgs 17:7-162019All of scripture points to Jesus Christ
The Wrong and Right Spirit of PrayerLD 45 2022Prayer
There but for the grace of God go ILD 51 2021Forgiveness
There's No Time to Waste1 Cor 7:29-312015Our Calling
They'll Know We Are Christians by Our LoveLD 51 2022Forgiveness
Those who Fear God Lack No Good ThingLD 50 2011God's faithfulness
Three Commands from the Risen JesusMatt 28:9-102020Death Defeated
Three Fundamentals for the Ten CommandmentsLD 34 2018God's Law is Good
Through Christ’s Spirit, living waters flow from those who believe!John 7:37-392017The work of The Holy Spirit
Through Samson’s Death, God Delivers His peopleJudg 16:23-312021Our Salvation
To Give Eternal Salvation, Jesus Comes AgainLD 19 2020Christ's return
To whom will you liken God?Isa 40:12-312022God's Providence
Train Us to Move our FeetLD 52 2021Spiritual Warfare
Train Yourself in Godliness1 Tim 4:82019Revelation of the Gospel
Tremble before the greatness of GodLD 4 2005Our Salvation
True worship requires the true WordLD 35 2022Worship
True Worship Requires the True WordLD 35 2019 2nd Commandment (No images)
Trust in Immanuel, 'God with Us'Isa 7:10-172022Our Salvation
Unworthy but Thankful ServantsLD 24 2018Thankfulness
Use God’s Name with Fear and ReverenceLD 36 2019 3rd Commandment (God's name)
Use godly deeds and words to win people for Christ!LD 32 2018Our Calling
Walk as Children of Light!Eph 5:3-142019Living in a sinful world
Walk in the SpiritGal 5:252021The work of The Holy Spirit
Washed in Christ: Certainly, Completely, ConclusivelyLD 26 2022Baptism
We are Glad that Christ Went AwayLD 18 2018God The Son
We confess and rejoice that Christ is risen!LD 17 2020Death Defeated
We Walk by Faith, Not by SightHeb 11:1-22017Faith
Weak but FaithfulRev 3:7-132015Faithfulness rewarded
Welcome to HeavenEph 2:62018God The Son
What does the Triune God promise you?LD 8 2016Trinity
What is True Faith?LD 7 2021Faith
What Really Makes You Dirty?Mark 7:14-232017Purity
What the Street Corner Prophet SaidZeph 2:1-32016End Times
What to do on the Lord's DayLD 38 2022 4th Commandment (Resting)
What Will Nineveh Say?Jonah 32016Preaching
Where can I go from your Spirit?Psa 139:72019The person of The Holy Spirit
Where do you put your trust?Isa 30:1-182022Faith
Where Every Road Leads to ChristLD 25 2018God The Son
Who Are to Come to the Table of the Lord?LD 30 2017Lord's Supper
Who Are We?LD 5 2018God The Son
Who is the One who Overcomes the World?1 Joh 5:52021Faith
Who Wants to Live Forever?LD 22 2022The Second Coming
Why are you called a Christian?LD 12 2016Our Calling
Why Faith?LD 23 2018Faith
Why Have You Accepted Me?Matt 27:462020Christ's Suffering
Why the Good News is So GoodEph 3:1-132018Our Salvation
With What Shall I Come Before the LORD?Micah 6:6-82016Worship
Work Out Your SalvationLD 24 2022Good Works
You Prepare a Table for MeLD 28 2017Lord's Supper
Your Part in the Church, which is Christ’s BodyLD 21 2022Communion of Saints
Your Top Priority: Love the LORD your God!LD 34 2022 1st Commandment (God alone)

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