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The season leading up to the birth of Christ.

Light Into the Darkness 1: Let There Be LightGen 1:1-5 Rev. Jeremy Segstro
Light Into the Darkness 1: Let There Be LightGen 1:1-5 Rev. Jeremy Segstro
A Christmas Promise FulfilledGen 3:1-24; Luke 1:26-332019Rev. Ted Gray
Light Into The Darkness 2: The Story of the Guiding LightExo 13 Rev. Jeremy Segstro
Solomon's request of the Lord at Gibeon1 Kgs 3:92010-10Rev. Jack Moesker
There is no God like the Lord God of Israel1 Kgs 8:22-532010-10Rev. Jack Moesker
The Queen of Sheba came to see Solomon's glory1 Kgs 10:1-102010-11Rev. Jack Moesker
The Lord upholds His covenant in His judgment of Solomon1 Kgs 11:11-132010-10Rev. Jack Moesker
Light Into the Darkness 3: The Divine LightPsa 27 Rev. Jeremy Segstro
Light Into the Darkness 4: The Promised LightIsa 9:1-7 Rev. Jeremy Segstro
Light Into the Darkness 6: The Saving LightIsa 60 Rev. Jeremy Segstro
The Certainty of God's Promises Fulfilled in ChristJer 33:14-26 Rev. Ted Gray
A Gift RefusedMatt 2:1-12; Mark 15:21-232019Rev. Ted Gray
The Lord God Hears the Priestly Prayer of ZachariahLuke 1: 5-252009-12-06Rev. W.B. Slomp
Mary's Faithful Response to the Announcement of the Birth of the MessiahLuke 1: 26-382009-12-13Rev. W.B. Slomp
With the Miraculous Pregnancies of Two Women, the Lord God Makes the Transition from the Old to the New.Luke 1: 39-452009-12-20Rev. W.B. Slomp
Nothing is impossible for the God of the Virgin BirthLuke 1:372010-12-19Rev. Stephen 't Hart
Anticipation and DestinyLuke 2:21-352015Rev. Ted Gray
The Word Made Flesh - The Self-Expression of GodJohn 1:1-22022-12-11Pastor Keith Davis
The Word Made Flesh: The Eternal CreatorJohn 1:1-42022-12-11Pastor Keith Davis
The God of glory has come to dwell among us!John 1:142014-12-21Rev. Stephen 't Hart
At the Fullness of Time, God Sent His SonGal 4:4-72021Rev. Ted Gray
He who made you has redeemed youCol 1:15-182012-12-16Rev. Stephen 't Hart
God's Eternal Grace Revealed in Christ Jesus2 Tim 1:8-122020Rev. Ted Gray
The Christ Child IdentifiedHeb 1:1-2:42014Rev. Ted Gray
Christmas in the Words of ChristHeb 10:1-182022Rev. Ted Gray
Worship the Lord Only In the Manner He Has Shown in His Word.LD 35 2007-12-07Rev. W.B. Slomp

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