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Author: Rev. C. Bouwman
Congregation: Smithville Canadian Reformed Church
  Smithville, ON
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Clarence Bouwman is the minister of Smithville Canadian Reformed Church. He has also been the pastor of churches in Yarrow, B.C., Kelmscott & Byford, Western Australia, and Chilliwack, B.C.

A Bibilically Built Marriage Catches the World's Attention1 Pet 3:1-72010-09-19Marriage
Abstain from Sinful Desires1 Pet 2:4-252009-12-06Living in a sinful world
Acknowledging the King of Kings gives you someone to Pray to in all life's questionsLD 52 128,1292011-04-10Prayer
Anointing Equips us for our Task in God's WorldLD 12 2010-01-17Life in Christ
At the Wedding in Cana Jesus Restored Something of ParadiseJohn 2:1-112010-01-03Comfort in a World of Pain
Because of Jesus' Death the Christian is Connected again to God, and so Never DiesLD 16 2010-03-14Death Defeated
Biblical christmas spirit imitates Christ: He emptied HimselfPhil 1:27a2002-12-25Imitate Christ
Christ gathers His church today - and we are part of it!LD 21 Q&A 542002-12-01Christ's gathering work
Christ nourishes our souls richly at his tableLD 28 2003-03-02Lord's Supper
Christ soon returns in gloryLD 19 Q&A 522002-11-17Christ's return
Christ's Church-gathering work requires our one-anotheoring each otherLD 21 2021-04-18Communion of Saints
Christ's Grace makes us Do Good WorksLD 32 2010-09-05Living in a sinful world
Christ's grace makes us do good worksLD 32 2003-04-13Good Works
Christ's satisfaction for sin leads to the end of deathLD 21 -22 Q&A 56,57,582002-12-29Death Defeated
Christ's Suffering takes the Curse out of our SufferingLD 15 2009-02-14Christ's Suffering
Christ's Triumphant Resurrection Guarantees our Blessed ResurrectionLD 17 2010-04-04Death Defeated
Christians have no Need to do IdolatryLD 34 Q/A 94,952010-10-10Thankfulness
Church discipline is God's gift of loveLD 31 Q&A 852003-04-06Church Discipline
Ezekiel shows the Exiles that their God is JealousEzek 4,52011-04-03God's Covenant faithfulness
Fear besets the women on easter morning because they see something of God at workMark 16:8c2003-04-20Unclassified
Fearing God Determines how you Live1 Pet 1:17-212009-09-20Living in a sinful world
For people's instruction God exposes the roots of sodom's sinsEzek 16:49-502002-10-20Pride
Friendship with the world is enmity against GodJames 4:42002-10-13Maintaining the Antithesis
God claims for Himself the children He gives to believersLD 27 2003-02-15Baptism
God Compels His People to Acknowledge that He is the LORDEzek 6:7b2011-04-10Spiritual Warfare
God Confronts a Destitute Exile with His Glorious MajestyEzek 1:1-282011-03-20The Glory of the Father
God enforces a Policy of Intolerance to the World by making Balaa's advice come to nothingNum 31:162010-12-05Maintaining the Antithesis
God has Given us the TruthLD 6 2009-11-15All of scripture points to Jesus Christ
God insists that we make no images of Him, lest we provoke His jealousyLD 35 2003-05-18 2nd Commandment (No images)
God is our Father because Jesus is our SaviourLD 11 2002-08-04God's Amazing Purpose
God makes his people a spectacle to the world1 Cor 4:9b2002-08-04Unclassified
God tells his people Israel to have nothing to do with man.Isa 2:221997-10-16Unclassified
God The Holy Spirit helps us to survive satan's hatredLD 20 2002-11-24The work of The Holy Spirit
God The Holy Spirit sovereignly uses the ear to work faith in his people .LD 25 2003-01-19Preaching
God's abundant grace drives the people of God to abundant prayerPhil 1:62002-11-17Prayer
God's Children ask Father to Hallow His NameLD 47 2011-01-23Prayer
God's christmas gift to usJohn 3:16a2002-12-08Unclassified
God's heavy hand drives David to confession of his sin.Psa 32:51997-09-14Confessing Sins
God's Law makes one Wise to the Challenges of this LifeLD 34 Q/A 92,932010-09-19Living in a sinful world
God's law makes one wise to the challenges of this lifeLD 34 2003-05-04God's Law is Good
Hezekiah prospered because he sought the will of his God2 Chr 31:21b2000-07-02Faithfulness rewarded
In causing Moses to grow, God makes sport of PharaohExo 2:10a2000-08-20Spiritual Warfare
In cursing the fig tree Jesus prays for God's promised judgment on unbelieving IsraelMark 11:142003-04-06Unclassified
In Jesus' Birth God has Come to Live with Sinful PeopleJohn 1:14a2009-12-25The Incarnation
In Life's Battles the Disciples must ask God to make His Kingdom comeLD 48 2011-02-13Prayer
In Life's Tough Questions God sends His People back to ScriptureIsa 8:20a2011-01-16God's Covenant faithfulness
In marriage and out, no one can survive independently of GodGen 6:2b2003-05-18Marriage
In Marriage God Commands Self-Denying Love for the Spouse1 Cor 6:12-7:72006-02-05Marriage
In Moses the Lord picked up a broken tool to accomplish His purposeExo 3:10a2000-10-01Our Calling
In seeking to kill Moses, the Lord teaches Moses his need for God's redemptionExo 4:24b2000-10-08Our Salvation
In the face of his bride's blatant harlotry, the God of grace remembers the covenantEzek 16:60-61a2002-11-03God's Amazing Grace
In the face of Satan's rage the Lord teaches us to speak with God about our weaknesses.LD 52 Q&A 1272000-09-17Prayer
In the sabbath God's people receive a foretaste of paradise restoredLD 38 2003-06-08 4th Commandment (Resting)
In the Wrongs of Life always Take Christ's Lordship for Real1 Pet 3:8-222010-10-10Desolation/Despair
Jerusalem sings: God is my SalvationIsa 12:2a2011-01-23Thankfulness
Jesus Alone Provides Happiness for this Life and the Life to ComeLD 11 Q/A 302010-01-10Enjoying Life
Jesus Christ holds us Responsible for Where we go to ChurchLD 21 Q/A 54C2010-06913Church Building
Jesus encourages his belaboured disciples with his instruction to restMark 6:31a2003-02-16Resting
Jesus has Prepared a Place for us in the House of His FatherJohn 14:2b2010-05-16Our Salvation
Jesus teaches his disciples that covenant children are heirs of God's kingdomMark 10:14c2003-03-02Unclassified
Jesus teaches us to pray for daily breadLD 50 2000-09-03Prayer
Jesus Teaches what True Religion IsLuke 15:11-322009-10-18Obedience
Jesus the Saviour Removes the Curse of God from Daily TrialsLD 11 Q/A 292010-01-03God's Amazing Grace
Jesus' Birth Assures Sinners of the Privilege of Having ChildrenLD 14 2010-02-07The Incarnation
Jesus' Resurrection confirms Blessed Peace with GodLuke 24:36b2021-04-25Comfort in a World of Pain
Jesus' Resurrection confirms Blessed Peace with GodLuke 24:36b2021-04-25Comfort in a World of Pain
Lord's SupperEph 4:12003-06-15Unclassified
Mercy for the LoathesomeLD 2 2009-10-04Mercy
Moses' labors fail so that God may receive the gloryExo 6:1a2000-10-15The Glory of the Father
Noah showed his faith in God by blindly doing what God commanded.Gen 6:222003-06-01Faith
Not maturity in years but maturity in faith is critical for leadership.Ecc 10:16-171997-12-14Leadership
Observe for Yourself what God is Doing in Jesus ChristJohn 1:29-422009-12-13Struggling with doubts
On his way to Golgotha, Christ's cross was taken from him for our salvationMark 15:212000-04-18Unclassified
On His way to golgotha, Christ's cross was taken from Him for our salvation.Mark 15:212003-04-18God The Son
On Pentecost day, the outpoured Spirit caused the disciples to speak foreign languages.Acts 24b1997-05-18Unclassified
On the cross of Calvary, God stripped his Son naked so that we might be royally clothed.John 19:23a1997-03-28Unclassified
Optimism in Life's ValleysLD 1 2009-09-20God's Covenant faithfulness
Our God does Perfect WorkLD 3 2011-05-08Living in a sinful world
Our God made the World in which we LiveLD 9 2009-12-13God and our Creation
Paul forbids boasting about people.1 Cor 3:21a2005-12-04Boasting
Paul proclaimed redemption for sinners through a revolting cross.1 Cor 1:182007-10-23The foolishness of God
Paul tells the Christian soldier to stand firm on the place which God assigns.Eph 6:14a1997-08-31Unclassified
Paul's vision for life: to live is christ and to die is gainPhil 1:212002-12-01Life in Christ
Paul’s thanksgiving focuses on God's grace1 Cor 1:42005-10-09Thankfulness
Reconciliation is God's Gracious GiftLD 5 2009-11-01Forgiveness
Repentance from sin is imperative for salvationLD 33 2003-04-20Repentance
Righteous God Punishes Sin in this Life and the NextLD 4 2009-10-18God's Amazing Grace
Seek God's Protection from Satan's AttacksLD 52 1272011-04-03Faith Tested
Serving God requires total commitmentJosh 24:14a2001-07-08Running the race
Society's Outcasts are Building Blocks of God's New Society1 Pet 2:4-122009-11-15Living in a sinful world
Solomon's kingdom of peace receives a listening heart1 Kgs 3:12a2000-12-03Leadership
The ascended Christ is king of kingsLD 19 Q&A 50, 512002-11-10Christ's Kingship
The Ascended Christ is the Churchs Master BuilderLD 21 Q/A 54B2010-06-06Christ's gathering work
The Child of God is a Slave to God, and Thankful for itLD 13 2010-01-24Christ's Kingship
The Child of God prays into Existence the Father's Vision for World HistoryLD 49 2011-03-06Prayer
The Church is the Wonderful Work of Triune God in Today's Fallen WorldLD 21 Q/A 54A2010-05-23Christ's gathering work
The church of Jesus Christ is one because there is one Holy Spirit at workEph 4:32003-06-08Unclassified
The Church of Jesus Christ is the Assembly of the ForgivenLD 21 Q/A 55,562010-07-04Christ's gathering work
The church of Jesus Christ must hand over to satan any member who persists in sin.1 Cor 5:5a2006-01-08Church Discipline
The communion of saints is Christ's gift to his peopleLD 21 Q&A 552002-12-08Communion of Saints
The conclusion of the year is: fear God and keep his commandments.Ecc 12:13a1997-12-31Our Calling
The Creator of Marriage Wants Man and Wife to Remain United in Marriage1 Cor 7:10,112006-02-19Marriage
The Disciples are Taught to Ask a Compassionate God for ForgivenessLD 51 2011-03-27Prayer
The Father does not wish a single little one to perish.Matt 18:141997-08-03Unclassified
The God of Glory Binds Ezekiel's Tongue for the Good of His PeopleEzek 3:36,37a2011-03-27Preaching
The God of Heaven and Earth is TriuneLD 8 2009-12-06Trinity
The Holy Spirit guides the Disciples into all Gods TruthJohn 16:13a2010-05-23The person of The Holy Spirit
The Holy Spirit teaches that Singleness is Good1 Cor 7:1-92006-02-12Marriage
The kingdom of heaven is free, and therefore so costlyMark 10:21b2003-03-30God's Amazing Grace
The Law of God gives FreedomLD 44 2010-12-19God's Law is Good
The Lord Challenges King Ahaz to Believe His WordIsa 7:9b2010-12-19Faith Tested
The Lord challenges king Ahaz to believe His Word.Isa 7:9b1997-11-30Unclassified
The Lord counsels his youthful children to make the most of the life He gives.Ecc 11:91997-12-07Enjoying Life
The Lord God is Master over the Spirits of the AirNum 22:1-352010-10-31Spiritual Warfare
The Lord has Mercy on the BlameworthyLD 3 2009-10-11Mercy
The Lord teaches us to use His wonderful name with reverenceLD 36 & 372003-06-01 3rd Commandment (God's name)
The Lord's lovingkindness and tender mercy are revealed in the fact that David has life and health.Psa 103:4b1997-10-05Unclassified
The most honoured of men, if he has not Christ, shall perish.Psa 49:201997-09-07Our Salvation
The Most Important Place in the Christian's Life is in HeavenLD 18 2010-04011Prayer
The nature of the table determines who may attendLD 30 2003-03-09Lord's Supper
The One Needed Thing: be Tuned in to Where God is at.Luke 10:38-422009-11-22Our Calling
The One who Brought the Messianic Age is also its JudgeJohn 2:12-222010-01-17God's Justice
The Owner of All Instructs us how to Care for His PossessionsLD 42 2010-11-28 8th Commandment (Stealing)
The Reborn Fix their Hope on Christ's Return1 Pet 1:13-212009-09-06Living in a sinful world
The Reborn Love eachother Earnestly1 Pet 1:22-2:32009-10-04Living in a sinful world
The Regenerated Child of God must Repent of His every SinLD 33 2010-09-12Repentance
The Saviour Comes to Judge the Living and the DeadLD 19 Q/A 522010-05-9The Second Coming
The Scare about Climate Change is in God's HandsLD 10 2009-12-20God's Providence
The Sovereign over life and death encourages his oppressed people in Smyrna to be faithful until death.Rev 2:81997-10-05Faith Tested
The Spirit never leaves the Chosen FrozenLD 20 2010-05-20The work of The Holy Spirit
The Word is central in the Life of the Church.LD 21 Q/A 54D2010-06-20Christ's gathering work
Through His Spirit God makes sinners value the message of Christ crucified1 Cor 2:10a2005-11-06The work of The Holy Spirit
Through the birth of a Child God gives to people in darkness a cause to rejoice.Isa 9:6a1997-12-25Unclassified
Through the Pagan Sorcerer Balaam, God encourages Israel to believe His SoveriegntyNum 22:36-24:252010-11-28Christ's gathering work
Throught the Birth of a Child God gives to Broken People a Reason to RejoiceIsa 9:6a2010-12-25Faithfulness rewarded
To advance the gospel, Paul sends an ambassador to PhilippiPhil 2:19a2003-01-19Mission Work
Use Weallth to Make Friends for EternityLuke 16:1-152009-10-11Neighbours
Vistas of the New World prompt Praise for God1 Pet 1:1-122009-08-23Enjoying Life
We Pray that God Restore to us a Taste of ParadiseLD 50 2011-03-20Prayer
With His gift of keys to the disciples, Christ stresses the fundamental role of preachingLD 31 Q&A 83-842003-03-30Preaching
With the word 'amen' Jesus tells us to confess our conviction that God hears and answers.LD 52 Q&A 128-1292000-10-01Prayer
Year in Year out People may see God's Glory on EarthJohn 1:14b2009-12-31Unclassified
You Need Faith to be SavedLD 7 2009-11-22Faith

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