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A Letter to IsraelJames 1:1 Rev. David Stares
A PlaceLuke 2:7b2003-12-25Rev. George van Popta
As sojourners conduct yourselves in fear, for your Father is an impartial judge1 Pet 1:17-21 Rev. Arthur Van Delden
Beginning WellEcc 11:9-12:1 Rev. Jeremy Segstro
Both God's elect and their glorious inheritance are secure1 Pet 1:4-5 Rev. Arthur Van Delden
Brotherly love will never perish in the hearts of the reborn1 Pet 1:23-25 Rev. Arthur Van Delden
Christ Is All We NeedCol 2:1-82021Rev. Mark Chen
Coming DownCD 2 II:1-92001-08-12Rev. Sjirk Bajema
Confessing Jesus ChristMatt 16:13-28 Rev. Mendel Retief
Corruption and InnocenceLD 14 2003-03-09Rev. George van Popta
Covenant hope: the believer's comfort at the loss of a little oneCD 1 art 172020-09-13Rev. Stephen 't Hart
Destruction awaits those who deny the Master who bought them2 Pet 2:1-10a2019-03-10Rev. Stephen 't Hart
Divine sovereignty doesn't cancel human responsibilityCD 3/4 art 162021-11-07Rev. Stephen 't Hart
Don't be fooled: the Lord is coming!2 Pet 3:1-92019-03-24Rev. Stephen 't Hart
Dry bones made aliveCD 3/4 art 12-132021-10-17Rev. Stephen 't Hart
Ending WellEcc 12:8-14 Rev. Jeremy Segstro
Even When We Can't See It, Our God is a God Who Acts!Psa 103:6-14 Rev. Jeremy Segstro
Every Blessing in ChristEph 1:3-142018-12-2Rev. David Stares
False teachers keep you from the way of righteousness2 Pet 2:10b-222019-03-17Rev. Stephen 't Hart
Fear besets the women on easter morning because they see something of God at workMark 16:8c2003-04-20Rev. C. Bouwman
Fit to live in the presence of GodLD 18 2009-01-00Rev. Stephen 't Hart
God fulfils His covenant promisesRev 21:2-4 Rev. Mendel Retief
God has given all we need for a godly life2 Pet 1:1-42019-01-20Rev. Stephen 't Hart
God Is Always My FatherLD 9  Rev. Jeremy Segstro
God is our SecurityLD 1 2017-10-01Rev. Karlo Janssen
God makes his people a spectacle to the world1 Cor 4:9b2002-08-04Rev. C. Bouwman
God Makes Rich Covenant Promises to His Servant David2 Sam 7:8-172009Dr. Wes Bredenhof
God preserves His own in the midst of oppressionRev 11:1-6 Rev. Mendel Retief
God promises a new heaven and a new earthRev 21:1 Rev. Mendel Retief
God Revealed as the Mighty and Majestic King of GloryPsa 242008Dr. Wes Bredenhof
God reveals his gracious sovereignty in election for our comfort and his gloryCD 1 art 182020-09-20Rev. Stephen 't Hart
God tells his people Israel to have nothing to do with man.Isa 2:221997-10-16Rev. C. Bouwman
God uses the sight of the empty tomb to create faith in the resurrection of Christ.John 20:1-92009Dr. Wes Bredenhof
God will most certainly bring his elect to salvationCD 2 art 8-92020-11-29Rev. Stephen 't Hart
God Works Unexpected Miracles In His Chosen PeopleActs 9:1-19 Rev. Jeremy Segstro
God's christmas gift to usJohn 3:16a2002-12-08Rev. C. Bouwman
God's fatherly hand leads his child to the exact place she needs to beRuth 2:1-32013Dr. Wes Bredenhof
God's grace and peace to the saintsPhil 1:1,22012-08-05Rev. Mendel Retief
God's grace goes all the wayCD 2 art 6-72020-11-15Rev. Stephen 't Hart
God's grace shines forth when election is taught correctlyCD 1 art 142020-08-16Rev. Stephen 't Hart
God's justice meets his mercy at the CrossCD 2 art 1-22020-10-04Rev. Stephen 't Hart
God's Justice Will Be Done!Deut 19:1-14 Rev. Jeremy Segstro
God's Personal Signs & Seals!BC 33 2008-08-31Rev. Sjirk Bajema
God's Personal Signs & Seals!BC 33 2008-08-31Rev. Sjirk Bajema
God's Showing Them Up!Rom 1:18-322004-08-08Rev. Sjirk Bajema
God's Son Instead of You!BC 23 2008-05-18Rev. Sjirk Bajema
God's Word equips us for every good work2 Tim 3:10-17 Rev. Mendel Retief
God's Word portrays a true picture of ourselvesLD 3 2008Dr. Wes Bredenhof
Going Up!CD 5 V:1-62001-09-16Rev. Sjirk Bajema
Grapes only come from branches that are joined to the vineJohn 15:52018-04-29Rev. Stephen 't Hart
Grow and persevere in the true faithJude 1: 20 - 25 Rev. Mendel Retief
Guard your steps when you go to the House of GodEcc 5:1-72008-03-16Rev. W.B. Slomp
Habakkuk 2: God's Uncertain Prophet Cries Out AgainHab 1:12-2:5 Rev. Jeremy Segstro
Habakkuk 5: God's Faithful Prophet Teaches us How to HopeHab 3:16-19 Rev. Jeremy Segstro
Hear and Remember!Deut 6:1-12 Rev. Jeremy Segstro
How does one come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ?CD 3/4 art 4-62021-08-01Rev. Stephen 't Hart
How Then Shall We Be Content?LD 44  Rev. Jeremy Segstro
How Then Shall We Live in These Last Days?Jude 17-25 Rev. Jeremy Segstro
I am the Way, the truth, and the lifeJohn 14:62018-10-07Rev. Stephen 't Hart
I Believe in Jesus Christ: The Firstborn of the DeadLD 17  Rev. Jeremy Segstro
I Believe in the Christian Life of HopeLD 22  Rev. Jeremy Segstro
I Love the Law of God!LD 34 92-93 Rev. Jeremy Segstro
I Will Rejoice Always!Phil 4:4-7 Rev. Jeremy Segstro
I Will Rejoice In the Church!Phil 1:1-5 Rev. Jeremy Segstro
I Will Rejoice In the Gospel!Phil 1:12-18a Rev. Jeremy Segstro
I Will Rejoice In Unity!Phil 1:27-2:18 Rev. Jeremy Segstro
I Will Wait Upon the LORD (Part 1): In the Day of My TroublePsa 37 Rev. Jeremy Segstro
I Will Wait Upon the LORD (Part 2): In the Day of My SinPsa 38 Rev. Jeremy Segstro
I Will Wait Upon the LORD (Part 3): In the Day of My Fleeting LifePsa 39 Rev. Jeremy Segstro
I Will Wait Upon the LORD (Part 4): In the Day of My SalvationPsa 40 Rev. Jeremy Segstro
In cursing the fig tree Jesus prays for God's promised judgment on unbelieving IsraelMark 11:142003-04-06Rev. C. Bouwman
In This New Year and Always, God Will Continue to Bless His PeopleNum 6:22-27 Rev. Jeremy Segstro
Inward hope produces outward holiness1 Pet 1:13-16 Rev. Arthur Van Delden
Is Humiliation Enough Glory?James 1:9-112019-09-22Rev. David Stares
It's All About God!BC 1 2007-09-23Rev. Sjirk Bajema
It's God's grace that's the reason for his gospel callCD 3/4 art 7-82021-08-15Rev. Stephen 't Hart
It's Not Fair!LD 4  Rev. Jeremy Segstro
It's not for you to decide what God's Word is!2 Pet 1:19-212019-03-03Rev. Stephen 't Hart
It's only by God's mercy that you get to hear the gospel preachedCD 1 art. 3-42020-007-07Rev. Stephen 't Hart
It's to those whom God gives ears that will hearCD 3/4 art 9-102021-09-05Rev. Stephen 't Hart
Jerusalem becomes ParadiseRev 22:1,2 Rev. Mendel Retief
Jesus Christ is the Bread that endures to eternal lifeJohn 6:352018-06-17Rev. Stephen 't Hart
Jesus is the ChristLD 12  Rev. Mendel Retief
Jesus teaches his disciples that covenant children are heirs of God's kingdomMark 10:14c2003-03-02Rev. C. Bouwman
Jesus: A Portrait of Our Blessed SaviourLD 11  Rev. Jeremy Segstro
Keeping It Up!CD 5 V:7-152001-10-07Rev. Sjirk Bajema
Know YourselfLD 2  Rev. Jeremy Segstro
Knowing ChristPhil 3:7-112002-12-29Rev. George van Popta
Let us praise the God who has graced us with every spiritual blessing in Christ!Eph 1:3-62010Dr. Wes Bredenhof
Life Inside and Outside the HourglassEcc 3:1-15 Rev. Jeremy Segstro
Life with Christ after deathLD 22 2003-06-22Rev. George van Popta
Light Into the Darkness 1: Let There Be LightGen 1:1-5 Rev. Jeremy Segstro
Light Into the Darkness 1: Let There Be LightGen 1:1-5 Rev. Jeremy Segstro
Light Into The Darkness 2: The Story of the Guiding LightExo 13 Rev. Jeremy Segstro
Light Into the Darkness 3: The Divine LightPsa 27 Rev. Jeremy Segstro
Light Into the Darkness 4: The Promised LightIsa 9:1-7 Rev. Jeremy Segstro
Light Into the Darkness 5: The Messianic LightJohn 1:1-18 Rev. Jeremy Segstro
Light Into the Darkness 6: The Saving LightIsa 60 Rev. Jeremy Segstro
Living in the comfort of God's WordLD 1  Rev. Mendel Retief
Looking forward to the Day of the Lord, be diligent!2 Pet 3:10-182019-03-31Rev. Stephen 't Hart
Lord's SupperEph 4:12003-06-15Rev. C. Bouwman
Make every effort to add to your faith!2 Pet 1:5,8-112019-01-27Rev. Stephen 't Hart
Meaningless, Meaningless!Ecc 1:1-11 Rev. Jeremy Segstro
Never leave the gospel behind!Gal 3:32014-04-6Rev. Stephen 't Hart
On his way to Golgotha, Christ's cross was taken from him for our salvationMark 15:212000-04-18Rev. C. Bouwman
On Pentecost day, the outpoured Spirit caused the disciples to speak foreign languages.Acts 24b1997-05-18Rev. C. Bouwman
On the cross of Calvary, God stripped his Son naked so that we might be royally clothed.John 19:23a1997-03-28Rev. C. Bouwman
One Proclamation, Four PraisesPsa 103:19-22 Rev. Jeremy Segstro
Our Fall in AdamLD 3  Rev. Mendel Retief
Our Plunge Into SinLD 3  Rev. Jeremy Segstro
Paul tells the Christian soldier to stand firm on the place which God assigns.Eph 6:14a1997-08-31Rev. C. Bouwman
Peace With GodEph 2:11-16 Rev. Jeremy Segstro
Peace With HumanityEph 2:11-16 Rev. Jeremy Segstro
Peace Within The ChurchEph 4:1-6 Rev. Jeremy Segstro
Praise the LORD for He is goodPsa 146:1-10 Rev. Mendel Retief
Reclaiming ReligionJames 1:26-27 Rev. Jeremy Segstro
Recognizing the Wolf in the Wool SuitJude 3-192016Rev. Ted Gray
Reprobation: When God leaves sinners in their sinCD 1 art 15-162020-09-06Rev. Stephen 't Hart
Right Into The Ground!CD 3/4 III:1-52001-08-19Rev. Sjirk Bajema
Right with GodLD 23 2003-06-29Rev. George van Popta
Romans: The Greatest Sermon Ever WrittenRom 1:1-7 Rev. Jeremy Segstro
Saints and SinnersLD 21 2003-06-15Rev. George van Popta
Scripture tells us the truth about our human natureLD 3 2014Dr. Wes Bredenhof
Shouldn't We Mourn? We Serve A Risen Lord!LD 18  Rev. Jeremy Segstro
Since God's grace comes through the gospel, you know what to doCD 3/4 art 17 Rev. Stephen 't Hart
Since you have purified your souls by the truth of God�s word, love one another with a pure heart1 Pet 1:22 Rev. Arthur Van Delden
Spiritual growth and fruitfulnessPhil 1:9-11 Rev. Mendel Retief
Starting At The Top (II)CD 1 I:8-182001-07-29Rev. Sjirk Bajema
Supplement your faith with knowledge and self-control!2 Pet 1:5-6,82019-02-03Rev. Stephen 't Hart
The blessed comfort in the unchangeable purpose of God concerning our electionCD 1 art 7-82020-06-21Rev. Stephen 't Hart
The church of Jesus Christ is one because there is one Holy Spirit at workEph 4:32003-06-08Rev. C. Bouwman
The Continued Rot in ManBC 15 2008-12-03Rev. Sjirk Bajema
The Dawn of DeliveranceLD 5 2008Dr. Wes Bredenhof
The Death of ChristLD 16 2003-04-06Rev. George van Popta
The Father does not wish a single little one to perish.Matt 18:141997-08-03Rev. C. Bouwman
The fear of the LORD is the sure way to a blessed new yearProv 14:26-272013Dr. Wes Bredenhof
The Fruit of the Spirit is KindnessGal 5:222008-12-7Rev. W.B. Slomp
The Good Shepherd is He who lays down His life for the sheepJohn 10:112018-03-11Rev. Stephen 't Hart
The gospel is a gift, not a paycheckGal 3:262014-05-18Rev. Stephen 't Hart
The great God reveals his sovereign power to NebuchadnezzarDan 2:24-452010Dr. Wes Bredenhof
The Great Patience of God for Our SakesGal 5:22a2008-11-23Rev. W.B. Slomp
The Greatest Sermon Ever Written: Our Final PreservationRom 8:31-39 Rev. Jeremy Segstro
The Greatest Sermon Ever Written: The ContextRom 1:18-32 Rev. Jeremy Segstro
The Greatest Sermon Ever Written: The Cosmic BattleRom 6 Rev. Jeremy Segstro
The law of the kingdomMatt 5:17-20 Rev. Mendel Retief
The Light of the WorldJohn 8:122003-10-19Rev. George van Popta
The Light of the world promises life to those who follow HimJohn 8:122018-09-16Rev. Stephen 't Hart
The Lord challenges king Ahaz to believe His Word.Isa 7:9b1997-11-30Rev. C. Bouwman
The LORD Governs AllLD 10 2003-02-02Rev. George van Popta
The Lord Jesus is Jahve, our mighty SaviourLD 11  Rev. Mendel Retief
The Lord lovingly sustains the elderly, now and into eternityEcc 12: 1b-82008-05-18Rev. W.B. Slomp
The Lord teaches us to have a proper sense of righteousness and wisdomEcc 7:15-192008-04-13Rev. W.B. Slomp
The Lord wants us to understand the seasons and the times.Ecc 3: 1 & 112008-02-07Rev. W.B. Slomp
The Lord's lovingkindness and tender mercy are revealed in the fact that David has life and health.Psa 103:4b1997-10-05Rev. C. Bouwman
The Lord's Prayer on the CrossLuke 23:34a2003-04-18Rev. George van Popta
The Only Possible Conclusion: This Changes Everything!LD 17  Rev. Jeremy Segstro
The Parabolic Kingdom 1: The Parable of the Four SoilsMark 4:1-20 Rev. Jeremy Segstro
The Parabolic Kingdom 2: The Parable of the Old and the NewMark 2:18-22 Rev. Jeremy Segstro
The Parabolic Kingdom 3: The Parable of the LampMark 4:21-23 Rev. Jeremy Segstro
The power of Christ's death and resurrectionRom 6:14,15 Rev. Mendel Retief
The Promise of PeaceEph 1:1-2 Rev. Jeremy Segstro
The promise of the gospel concerning the Holy SpiritLD 20 2010Dr. Wes Bredenhof
The Real Facts of LifePsa 103:14-18 Rev. Jeremy Segstro
The real Law ExpertMark 6:53-7:232008Dr. Wes Bredenhof
The Rise & Fall of Man!BC 14 2008-01-27Rev. Sjirk Bajema
The Saviour of the whole familyMark 10:13-162010Dr. Wes Bredenhof
The Second One Another Commandment: Be Hospitable to One Another1 Pet 4:7-9 Rev. Jeremy Segstro
The sin unto deathLD 20 2003-06-08Rev. George van Popta
The Sixth Petition Cries Out for Deliverance From SinLD 52  Rev. Jeremy Segstro
The Sixth Virtue of the Fruit of the Holy Spirit Is GoodnessGal 5:22b2008-12-14Rev. W.B. Slomp
The Sower, The Seed, and the SoilLuke 8:1-152020-01-05Pastor Keith Davis
The Strong Judge Who Was Weak: A Strange and High Calling Rejected (Samson Part 1)Judg 13:1-14:10 Rev. Jeremy Segstro
The Strong Judge Who Was Weak: Samson's Failed Attempt at Domesticity (Samson Part 2)Judg 14:10-15:8 Rev. Jeremy Segstro
The Strong Judge Who Was Weak: Samson's Vow Fully Broken (Samson Part 3)Judg 16:1-22 Rev. Jeremy Segstro
The Supreme Architect's Self-PortraitPsa 19 Rev. Jeremy Segstro
The true glory of the ChurchIsa 4:1-6 Rev. Mendel Retief
The Two Amazing WordsLD 32  Rev. Jeremy Segstro
The Unity of the SpiritEph 4:32010-05-09Rev. Stephen 't Hart
The vineyard of the LORDIsa 5:1-7 Rev. Mendel Retief
The Way Christ Runs His ChurchBC 30 2008-08-03Rev. Sjirk Bajema
There is only one gospel - and you can be sure that it is true!Gal 1:11,122014-03-16Rev. Stephen 't Hart
There is only one gospel - so make sure you know what it is!Gal 1:1-102014-03-09Rev. Stephen 't Hart
There’s only one door to eternal lifeJohn 10:7-92018-03-04Rev. Stephen 't Hart
This Book Is It!BC 7 2007-11-11Rev. Sjirk Bajema
Thorns in the flesh2 Cor 12:7-102003-04-06Rev. George van Popta
Though sin runs deep, God's love runs deeperCD 1 art 1-22020-05-31Rev. Stephen 't Hart
Three QuestionsLD 8 2003-01-19Rev. George van Popta
Through the birth of a Child God gives to people in darkness a cause to rejoice.Isa 9:6a1997-12-25Rev. C. Bouwman
Trustworthy & True Part 1: A Trustworthy and True Training1 Tim 4:1-10 Rev. Jeremy Segstro
Trustworthy & True Part 2: A Trustworthy and True Salvation1 Tim 1:15-16 Rev. Jeremy Segstro
Trustworthy & True Part 3: A Trustworthy and True Strengthening2 Tim 2:11-13 Rev. Jeremy Segstro
Trustworthy & True Part 4: A Trustworthy and True Office Bearer1 Tim 3:1-13 Rev. Jeremy Segstro
Trustworthy & True Part 5: A Trustworthy and True TradeTitus 3:3-11 Rev. Jeremy Segstro
Unbelief comes from us, but faith comes from GodCD 1 art 5-62020-06-14Rev. Stephen 't Hart
Use the means of God's graceLD 25  Rev. Mendel Retief
What does the Bible say?LD 6 2003-01-05Rev. George van Popta
What God Has Written!BC 4 2007-10-21Rev. Sjirk Bajema
What happens to God's prophets?Mark 6:14-292008Dr. Wes Bredenhof
What Is Truly Good?LD 33 91 Rev. Jeremy Segstro
What it means to be a disciple of our Lord JesusMatt 10:24-252011Dr. Wes Bredenhof
Where does sin come from?LD 3 2013Dr. Wes Bredenhof
Where The Bible's Coming From!BC 5 2007-10-28Rev. Sjirk Bajema
Who Is Admitted Into the Upside-Down Kingdom?LD 31  Rev. Jeremy Segstro
With the Miraculous Pregnancies of Two Women, the Lord God Makes the Transition from the Old to the New.Luke 1: 39-452009-12-20Rev. W.B. Slomp
Word, water, bread and wineLD 25 2003-07-13Rev. George van Popta
Year in Year out People may see God's Glory on EarthJohn 1:14b2009-12-31Rev. C. Bouwman
You Are His - Celebrate It!Num 29:1-62006-08-13Rev. Sjirk Bajema
You Are His -- See Where You Are!Num 29:12-402006-09-06Rev. Sjirk Bajema
You Are His -- Time Itself Tolls It!Num 28:11-152006-07-09Rev. Sjirk Bajema
You can be sure of your salvation!2 Pet 1:10-112019-02-10Rev. Stephen 't Hart

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